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Posted by Mike on 10/3/2012 to News
Hello and welcome to

As you may already know, this site is still under heavy construction, where we are adding new features, day by day, to better accommodate your user experience through navigation, visuals and functionality.

As of this moment here is a list of product categories that are functional and stocked with our products:

Functional and Active Product Categories.
(Active Links; please click and you will be directed to that page)
Solid colored Neckties (2", 3.5" and 3.75")
Solid colored Hankies
Solid colored Clip On Ties (Available in 11" and 14")
Designed Woven Neckties
Designed Woven Bowties (Also with hankies)

We are working hard to create the best shopping experience for your convenience, however this will not be a day's worth of work. It will take a bit of time to get everything running as smoothly as possible.

Features to expect in the future:

About Us.
Site Map.
Drop Shipping Options.
Purchasing Options.
+ More.

So.. How do I shop?

I am very glad that you've asked.

For our returning customers, our system is still the same.
-Choose Item number + Quantity desired.
-Contact via E-Mail, Phone or Fax.
-Verify Shipping address, Billing address, Shipping option and Payment method.

Our new customers.
-Please register here first.
-Once we have verified and approved your registration, we will contact you with further instructions and pricing.

Please stay tuned and stop by often.



Date 11/29/2012
john harris
I was waiting on a price list for your product. I'm intersted in some of your product.

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