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Important Announcement


First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who has purchased our neck accessories for the upcoming Johovah's Witnesses International Convention held in St. Louis, MO.
We are trying our best to ship out all of the orders placed for the JW2019 in a timely manner to the best of our abilities and we ask for your patience.
Due to the high volume of orders and calls, currently we are unable to answer many of your phone calls. Please leave a message for us and we will contact you back if the issue is not answered below.

Please see the following solutions relating to any of your questions.
  1. May I add item(s) to my current order?
    Unfortunately due to the high volume of orders we are not able to add item(s) to your current order. The best option would be for us to cancel your current order and you will have to re-order with the additional items you wish to add. Please send an email to [email protected] with your order number (starts with AB-XXXXX followed by 5 digits) and confirm that you wish to cancel your order.

  2. My credit card is showing "pending charges" or has been charged multiple times, what is happening?
    Please see our FAQ page (on our website, hover your mouse over the "HELP" section and click "F.A.Q") to see an explanation.

  3. How can I check the status of my order or what is the status of my order?
    If you have received an email confirmation stating your order is "processing" that will mean that we are currently in the process of packing it up and having it ready to be shipped out.
    If you received an email confirmation stating your order has "shipped", then your order has been shipped and the tracking number should be included in that same email.